Unluck the Unlucky: 5 Wiccan Spells to Conquer Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th is here, and although it’s considered an unlucky day, you don’t have to let superstitions stop you from having a great time. Wicca is an ancient form of spirituality that can be used to empower yourself, break negative cycles in your life and turn even the most menacing Friday the 13th into a day of positivity. In this article we will explore five powerful Wiccan spells that can help you conquer any perceived bad luck on this dreaded date. So what are waiting for? Unluck the unlucky with us today!

Wiccan Spell to Bring Protection and Good Fortune

The Wiccan spell to bring protection and good fortune is a great way to ensure that you are able to make it through Friday the 13th without any problems. First, gather together some protective herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Place these into a small pouch or package and carry them with you throughout the day. As you do this recite an incantation such as: “Herbs of protection I bring, from bad luck I shall not fling!”

Next light candles in all of your windowsills at home or in your office space for extra protection against any negative energy on this special day. You can use white candles for maximum spiritual strength but feel free to use whatever color appeals most strongly to you personally (such as red if it helps boost your confidence). Use a long matchstick so that wax doesn’t drip onto fingers while lighting each candle then repeat an affirmation such as: “Protection be granted here today; no harm will come my way!”

Finally work up some motivation by carrying out rituals which focus on increasing positive energy within yourself such as burning bay leaves over charcoal blocks or sprinkling sea salt around the house for cleansing purposes before bedtime. With these three steps completed – gathering protective herbs; lighting candles; performing rituals – one can increase their chances of having only good luck during Friday the 13th festivities!

Wiccan Spell to Bring Protection and Good Fortune

Wiccan Spell for Extra Luck on Friday the 13th

The Wiccan spell for extra luck on Friday the 13th is a simple one that requires no special materials or ingredients. To cast it, begin by finding a comfortable place to sit and take three deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine your body becoming more relaxed and still with each breath until you feel completely at peace in your environment. Once this state of relaxation has been achieved, focus on the power within yourself and express gratitude for the good things that have come into your life up to this point in time.

Next, close your eyes if possible and visualize an orb of bright white light surrounding you as protection against any negative energies or vibrations that may be present during this day as well as providing an extra layer of luck when needed most. Allow yourself to become one with the energy contained within this orb before slowly opening your eyes again while continuing to retain its image in both mind’s eye and heart-center alike throughout its duration which can last anywhere from 15 minutes up to two hours depending upon personal preference or need which should then be documented through written record kept in either journal form online or offline (whichever works best). Finally recite aloud five mantras such as “I am strong” “I am lucky” “My will is my own” “Luck finds me” “I attract positive energy” etc., all while focusing intently upon their positive affirmations even after completion — thereby allowing them sink deeper into subconscious thought processes over time thus ultimately unlocking greater potentials via self-fulfilling prophecy thereafter!

Wiccan Spell to Turn Bad Luck into Positive Energy

With the help of a few simple ingredients, a Wiccan spell to turn bad luck into positive energy can be performed on Friday the 13th. The first step is to gather three white candles, a piece of citrine crystal and some myrrh incense. Fill an earthenware bowl with water and place it in front of you on your altar or workspace. Now light each candle one at a time and say out loud “Let this flame carry away all negative energy” as you do so. Place the crystals within reach while saying “Let these stones guard against any ill fortune” before lighting up your myrrh incense while chanting “Turn even the worst luck around by bringing forth good karma instead” Finally, close your eyes and visualise being surrounded by bright white light that radiates positivity whilst repeating this chant:

“This day I make anew
Lucky energies start coming through
As I will it, so mote it be
Bringing blessings for me.”

When finished casting the spell allow each candle to burn until fully extinguished then take hold of your citrine stone in both hands whilst imagining yourself being filled with positive power from head-to-toe before gently placing back onto your altar or workspace when done.

Wiccan Spell to Banish Fear and Anxiety on Friday the 13th

There is no reason to let fear and anxiety overpower you on Friday the 13th. If you are feeling scared or anxious, take a moment to remember that this day has special power and use it to your advantage with a Wiccan spell. Here’s how:

Start by lighting a white candle in honor of the moon and its power as it rises that night. As you light your candle, focus on releasing any negative energy within yourself such as fear or anxiety. Visualize this energy leaving your body through the flame of the candle until all that remains is peace and tranquility within yourself. Take deep breaths throughout this process if needed for extra relaxation!

Once you feel calm, begin reciting an affirmation aloud three times such as “I am brave! I am strong! I can conquer my fear!” This will help strengthen your courage from inside out so don’t be afraid to repeat it often throughout Friday the 13th if needed! Finish off by meditating with crystals like jadeite which works especially well at dispelling worry while promoting inner strength – hold one in each hand while focusing on being fearless in whatever life throws at you then place them around where ever feels right afterwards (bedside table or altar).

Wiccan Spell to Attract Abundance During Friday the 13th

In Wicca, abundance can be conjured with the help of a spell. To do this, you’ll need an offering to the gods such as flowers or food. You will also need several items to represent abundance like coins and crystals in green or gold shades. Begin by lighting a green candle for prosperity and set your offering in front of it then bless each item that represents abundance and ask for their assistance on your journey towards achieving wealth. Next, place each item on the altar (or wherever you choose) so that they form a circle around the offering bowl then say aloud:

“Wealth comes from within me; Abundance flows from my cup; All I desire is filled with love; So mote it be!”

As you speak these words focus on drawing wealth into your life while visualizing money flowing freely through yourself and out into every corner of existence–dancing around everything until all parts are touched by its energy–then press both hands firmly onto the ground imagining roots forming inside them linking you to Mother Earth below whilst maintaining connection to Divine energies above finally releasing any attachment to material things before concluding with: “So mote it be!” Now take some deep breaths slowly allowing yourself time absorb this moment fully before snuffing out candles and taking one last look at all offerings made during ritual moments notice how much lighter everything feels after ritual ceremony complete enjoy newfound feelings knowing luck has been unlocked!

The mysterious and superstitious nature of Friday the 13th has caused fear in many people throughout history. But with these five Wiccan spells, even the unluckiest of Fridays can be conquered. Whether you feel cursed or just need a little extra luck on your side, these spells will help you break through any bad luck that may come your way on this special day. With faith and determination, anything is possible; so go forth into the world and prove that you are more powerful than any unlucky curse!