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The Satanic Temple’s Utah Chapter has closed for business. According the chapter president, Chalice Blithe, the chapter dissolved in April. While it had good steam, the lack of events failed to move membership and Chalice thought it best to close it for now. Possibly in the future the chapter may return, but for the year it was around, it did some cool things! SLPS ensured some of the history was captured, with their blog being archived in the Wayback Machine  at the Internet Archive and some of their documents and a painting archived at the Utah State Division of Archives at the Rio Grande building downtown Salt Lake City.

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The Satanic Temple-Utah Chapter has been up and running since February of 2016. Holding regular open meetings at the public library, they have encouraged the community to think rationally and to consider the separation of church and state.

The temple hosted an unbaptism for Salt Lake City on Sunday, July 24, 2016 from 7-10pm at club metro. Cost was $10 at the door. Participants were required  to sign their soul over to Satan, which protected the event from those unworthy of being unbaptized (meaning protesters). About thirty people participated, dipping hands in dry ice, having upside down crosses painted on their forehead in fake blood, or being lit on fire (members of the temple).Those conducting the rites were in ritual regalia (or none), with Baphomet watching in the background. Sketch Cabaret of Salt Lake City helped provide entertainment. The chapter head of Arizona, Stu De Haan, participated in the rite in support of the Utah Chapter.

From TST’s Facebook, they posted about the unbaptism

“Within many theocratic constructs, baptism is both the key to one’s salvation and a claim placed by the church on its members. This claim is purposefully imposed on infants or children too young to understand what is being asked of them, who are expected to forever be subservient to the theocracy of their upbringing. It is a vow to never question or seek out truth, a complete relinquishment of personal power, and a lifetime of servitude to a vengeful dictator. 

But here, now, we stand before you and embrace the name of Satan not as a deity but as a symbol of rebellion against these impositions. A claiming back of our inherent right to personal sovereignty and morality. We are here to shed ourselves of our previous submissions and in doing so, we are reborn into our chosen life led by Satanic ideals of liberty, justice, benevolence, empathy, and common sense.”

The event had been well advertised, with flyers posted around the city from original artwork done by one of the core council member Autumn Rogers and online with digital art done by the art director of the Arizona chapter Morgan Elizabeth. The temple hopes to make it an annual event.

(Photos used by permission of The Satanic Temple-Utah Chapter)

2016-07-30 19.24.48

Flyer for The Satanic Temple-Utah Chapter done by Autumn Rogers

st unbaptism flyer

Flyer for The Satanic Temple-Utah Chapter Unbaptism event by Morgan Elizabeth of the Arizona Chapter.

st altar

The Satanic Temple-Utah, Unbaptism, Sunday, July 24, 2016, Club Metro, Salt Lake City, UT

st chrew

The Satanic Temple-Utah, l to r back: Chalice Blythe, Nathaniel, Autumn Rogers (mask), Stu De Haan (end), Unbaptism, Sunday, July 24, 2016, Club Metro, Salt Lake City, UT

st fire

The Satanic Temple-Utah, Unbaptism, Stu De Haan (left center) and Nathaniel (right center), set on fire, Sunday, July 24, 2016, Club Metro, Salt Lake City, UT

st ritualists

The Satanic Temple-Utah, Unbaptism, Chalice Blythe (center) and Autumn Rogers (mask), Sunday, July 24, 2016, Club Metro, Salt Lake City, UT

st unbaptism

The Satanic Temple-Utah, Unbaptism, l to r: Chalice Blythe, participant, Autumn Rogers, Sunday, July 24, 2016, Club Metro, Salt Lake City, UT


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