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A planning meeting took place for the SLC Pagan Pride Day committee and board on Friday, July 8, 2016. The organization has decided to growth the festival, which means  creation of news offices such as a PR person, tech, and policy writer, adopting an ethical standard of business practice, and beefing up the digital heritage and infrastructure with a controlled domain. The goal of the new phase of Pagan Pride is to reach out to the state of Utah to provide education, culture, and foster unity in the community while growing the festival, which will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City

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Sad news to report, one of the local gay bars of South Salt Lake, The Paper Moon, located on 3737 S State, closed its doors this past December 2014. SLPS was informed about its closure in April 2015, which appeared to be quiet and unnoticed in the community. Its website, thepapermoonclub.com says “This webpage is not available”, but there is still a Facebook page. Yelp, a popular customer venue rating site like Urban Spoon and Angie’s List, also reports of its closure. As the only lesbian bar in Salt Lake City and the only gay bar located out of the downtown area, this is a great loss to the culture and night life of the LGBT community.

It opened in 1994, as indicated on their sign when they closed, which read “Thanks SLC for 20 Dyketastic Years.” Lauren Holman remembers being there and commented “It was a good place, good music, drinks, and a sizable dance floor, pool area, and patio. They didn’t like drinks on the floor, cover was $7. Overall was a fun place, especially for all the lesbians.”

The Paper Moon will be missed, SLPS hopes that the remaining exclusive gay bars, Tryangles, The Sun Trapp, and JAM will be able to be a safe place for all our lesbian friends. Long Live The Paper Moon

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