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We are very sad we lost a pine tree in the storm yesterday. Winds knocked it into the neighbors yard and patio, thankfully away from all houses. We had be nurturing, watering, and trimming the tree for years to strengthen it but it just went. We’ll have the cut the one next to it down as well as it’s just as vulnerable. Sad to loose two pines. We will have one left in the temple, but we can make fire wood with the down trees. The area will be reused for native trees and plants. It’s still a shock though to loose a friend. It gave us many beautiful experiences as it watched over our temple area as seen from our Midsummer 2014 photo.


Fallen Pine tree, Sunday, March 5, 2017, Salt Lake City, UT


Midsummer 2014 temple area showing Pine tree in all its glory.

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The society met to honor the return of the Yule King, born again the longest night, and to give thanks for the blessings of 2016. The Oak King now reigns till Midsummer. A special snow covered pine tree adorned the altar. The members sang “Yule” by Lisa Thiel on her album Circle of the Seasons and prayed to the Celtic God Cernunnos. The offering was a home made chocolate raspberry yule log cake.


Yule 2016, altar with pine tree, Saturday, December 24, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT


Yule 2016, Cernunnos, Saturday, December 24, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT


Yule 2016, altar, Saturday, December 24, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT

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