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The Salt Lake Pagan Society has recently parted ways with Gwendoline M. Allen Newhart (married to Chris Newhart) of Pensacola, Florida living in Salt Lake City. Some of her aliases known are Gwen Allen, Rev. Lady Draikaina HPS (witchvox), Emprezz Rude or Selectrixxx Rude. She owns currently a shop, Wiggin’ and Weaving in West Jordan; a music business Gorrilla Mafia Entertainment; a cleaning business Crossroads Cleaning; a tour group Tour Utah Activities; and a school of New Age spirituality called “S.T.O.N.E.-Spiritual Teachings on Natural Eclecticism”.

She conned more than $30,000 from society members and itself in the name of “Voodoo and Santeria” for protection in her Voodoo house Ille Ori Ille Iku, for cleansings of evil and negativity, and for her version of cult spirituality. The excitement of a new tradition and the exploration of Afro-Cuban diaspora coupled with Ms. Allen’s charismatic excitement and Florida East Coast attitude slowly reeled in the members. The truth was revealed over the last few months and the pieces put together, and the exit from it all made over Thanksgiving.

For the benefit of the Society and the members, SLPS advises those who come in contact with her to use caution and take her fast talking business selling proposal Florida tactics with a grain of salt and to seek out other psychics and advice.


Gwendoline M. Allen Newhart

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