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The Society exhibit “A Look at Paganism: Beliefs and Culture of the Neopagan Community” that was held at the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah ran from January 17- March 16. It was an enormous success! All the hard work paid off. 8 people came together donating items or approving of their use for display in the wall cases at the library. It was headed, organized, and proposed to the exhibition committee by President Cureton. All the explanatory cards were also written by President Cureton. Sections included (As pictured in level one) music, art, literature, crafts, (as pictured in level 2) films, Pagan deities, (top half) Magical Arts and Sciences, (bottom half) Jewelry, and ritual items.

Louise Poulton of the exhibition committee said the application was “very well written and put together.” A few of the members of the committee said they were very impressed with the display and that it received only positive feedback. Many students and guests stopped to look at the different displays and contemplate Paganism. It was one of the highest trafficked exhibitions to date!

The reserve desk on level two, which is next door to the display cases also reported many people stopping to look at the displays. SLPS is so happy that it succeed that there is a plan in the works to have the exhibition go to other schools and universities to teach people about Paganism. Currently Salt Lake Community College Library and the library at Utah Valley University are the best places.  Here are photos from the exhibition.

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