[Free eBook] The Cabala – By Bernhard Pick

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By Bernhard Pick

The Cabala, also known as the Kabbalah, is a centuries-old Jewish mystic tradition. The Cabala by Bernhard Pick delves into the history and beliefs of this ancient practice, providing readers with a detailed and insightful look into its many facets. The book also goes into great detail about Jewish mysticism, magic, and rituals.

Pick begins by tracing the Cabala’s origins, which began in 12th-century Spain. He describes how Jews fleeing Spain during the Inquisition brought their mystical traditions with them to other parts of Europe, where they eventually took root and flourished. The author then delves into the various Beliefs and practices associated with the Cabala, such as gematria (the interpretation of words based on their numerical value). He also discusses the significance of angels and demons in Cabalistic thought, as well as symbolism’s role in this mystical tradition.

Pick not only provides an overview of the Cabala’s history and beliefs, but also includes several practical exercises that readers can use to gain a deeper understanding of this ancient practice. Meditations on Hebrew letters and numbers are included, as are instructions for performing simple rituals to invoke divine assistance.

Pick’s book is significant not only because it was one of the first Western introductions to the Kaballah, but also because it represents an attempt to integrate various strands of Kabbalistic thought into a cohesive system. Pick’s work stands out in this regard as an important contribution to our understanding of this complex and frequently enigmatic tradition.

Pick deciphers the complex web of ideas that comprise the cabalistic tradition with clarity and erudition. He demonstrates how this esoteric body of teachings has been used throughout history to shed light on topics ranging from cosmology to human psychology. The Cabala also contains a wealth of primary source material, such as excerpts from key texts like the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar. This makes it a valuable resource for anyone curious about this fascinating and unusual belief system.

The Cabala by Bernhard Pick is an essential guide that will provide you with everything you need to get started on your journey, whether you are simply curious about this intriguing belief system or are looking for a way to incorporate its wisdom into your own life.

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