[Free eBook] Demons and Tongues

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by Alma White

Demons and Tongues by Alma White is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the occult or spiritual warfare. In the early twentieth century, White was a well-known Pentecostal evangelist who witnessed some of the most spectacular displays of demonic activity in American history. Her book is both an important historical document and a terrifying warning about the dangers of speaking in tongues.

The book is organized around a series of case studies of people who have been possessed by demons or who have suffered from other supernatural afflictions such as “voodoo curses.” Many of the people she writes about were interviewed by White, and her account of their experiences is both terrifying and incredible.

White begins by delving into the history of tongues, beginning with the New Testament. She then examines the various interpretations and practices of speaking in tongues throughout history. She also examines the various ways in which Pentecostals have perceived and practiced speaking in tongues.

White then shifts her focus to the subject of demon possession. She examines the various ways in which demons can enter a person’s life and manifest themselves through speaking in tongues. She also provides some helpful advice for those who are dealing with demon possession.

White’s understanding of demonology is one of the book’s most fascinating aspects. She believed that different types of demons existed, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. She believed, for example, that some demons were more intelligent than others and that some were better at concealing their presence.

White also believed that demons could only be defeated through the power of God. She was an evangelist, after all, and her ultimate goal was to lead people to salvation. But her understanding of demonology was impressive, and her book is still useful for anyone interested in the topic.

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