[Free eBook] Demon Possession and Allied Themes

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By John Livingstone Nevius

This book was written by John Livingstone Nevius (1829-93), a medical missionary in China, to share his observations and experiences with demon possession. The book begins with an account of two demon-possessed women he met, and then goes on to describe how these women were delivered from their demons. He also tells the stories of other missionaries who have been possessed by demons and shares his thoughts on the subject.

Nevius believes that demon possession is a real phenomenon that occurs more frequently than people realize. He claims that demons are drawn to sinful or unclean people and that they can enter a person’s body through any opening, such as the nose or mouth. Once inside, they take control of the person’s body and mind, causing them to behave in unusual or even dangerous ways.

According to Nevius, deliverance from demon possession is only possible through the power of God. He goes into great detail about the deliverance process, which includes prayer, fasting, and the laying on of hands. He also gives practical advice to those who believe they are demon-possessed, such as avoiding unclean places and not eating food offered to idols.

Nevius’ discussion of the Chinese method of exorcism is one of the book’s most intriguing aspects. Fasting, prayer, and the use of magical rituals and talismans were all part of the process. Nevius includes several first-person accounts of these exorcisms, which make for fascinating reading.

Nevius was clearly fascinated by the subject of demon possession, and he does an excellent job of describing the Chinese people’s beliefs and practices. He is also very open-minded and does not attempt to impose his beliefs on the reader. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in exorcism, demon possession, or Chinese culture. Nevius’ observations and experiences provide valuable insights into the phenomenon of demon possession, and his faith-based approach will reassure readers who are dealing with this issue.

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