[Free eBook] Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching

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By A. P. Sinnett
A. P. Sinnett was an English journalist and author who authored Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching, an attempt to blend various Eastern and Western mystical traditions. In 1885, the book was published. A. P. Sinnett’s book Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching contains a detailed account of his own experiences and observations while studying and practicing occultism. Furthermore, he offers tips and advice to those who are interested in pursuing this type of knowledge.

Sinnett begins by emphasizing the importance of keeping an open mind when researching the occult. He emphasizes the importance of approaching the study of this topic objectively, without preconceived notions or expectations. He also warns against accepting everything that is taught without question, and encourages the reader to use their own critical thinking skills to determine what is true and what is not.

Following that, Sinnett discusses some of the various types of occult knowledge that exist. He discusses astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, and mediumship. He explains how each of these works in detail and shares his own personal experiences with each. He also gives advice on how to improve these abilities if desired.

After that, Sinnett discusses the ethical implications of occult knowledge and power. He emphasizes the importance of using this power for good rather than selfish or harmful ends. He also warns against becoming obsessed with occult knowledge, which can have negative consequences.

Overall, Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching is a detailed and informative book that covers a wide range of occult topics. Sinnett’s personal experiences and observations add interest and relatability to the book, and his advice is sound. If you want to learn more about the occult, this is a good starting point.

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