[Free eBook] Clothed with the Sun – by Anna Kingsford

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By Anna Kingsford

Clothed with the Sun is a fantastic book. It tells the story of one woman’s spiritual journey through her dreams, visions, and experiences.

Anna Kingsford (1846-1888) was an English writer, artist, and one of the first women to be admitted to medical school. She authored numerous books on subjects ranging from religion and mysticism to women’s and animal rights. She was also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and a theosophist. Clothed with the Sun, a book about her mystical experiences and visions, is her most well-known work.

Kingsford’s work influenced the growth of the New Age Movement and the occult. She is also credited with popularizing the term “animal rights,” and her views on the subject were forward-thinking.

Clothed with the Sun is a book about the author’s spiritual and personal growth. The story begins with Anna’s childhood and her upbringing in a religious household. Anna eventually rejects her religious upbringing and begins to investigate her own spiritual beliefs.

Anna becomes interested in the occult as she grows older and begins to study various occult subjects. She eventually meets Edward Maitland, a man who introduces her to theosophy. Anna and Edward marry and establish their own theosophical society.

The book then describes Anna’s various theosophical beliefs and how she came to believe in reincarnation. Anna’s work as a medical doctor is also described in the book, as is how she used her knowledge of the occult to help her patients.

Clothed with the Sun is a book that is both inspirational and uplifting. It is a must-read for anyone on a Spiritual Journey or who wants to learn more about the Afterlife and the occult.

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