[Free eBook] Clairvoyance and Occult Powers

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By Swami Panchadasi (William Walker Atkinson)

William Walker Atkinson was an enthralling character. Through his work with popular magazines like New Thought and Psychic Research, he became one of the most prolific and well-known writers on psychic phenomena and the occult in the early twentieth century. In addition to writing over 100 books under various pen names, Atkinson was the president of the American Society for Psychical Research.

Atkinson had a unique perspective on psychic abilities such as clairvoyance because he was deeply interested in both psychology and spirituality. He believed that while these abilities could be developed by anyone, it was critical to approach them scientifically rather than through superstition or mysticism. Clairvoyance, in his opinion, was just another type of perception that could be studied and understood like any other human ability.

William Walker Atkinson’s Clairvoyance and Occult Powers is a book about honing your psychic abilities. The book begins by defining clairvoyance and explaining how it works. It then provides exercises to help you develop your own psychic abilities.

Part One examines clairvoyance and how it works; Part Two examines methods for developing your own psychic abilities; and Part Three examines some of the applications of clairvoyance.

Part One examines clairvoyance and how it works. It begins by going over the history of clairvoyance and how it has been used throughout history. It then examines the various types of clairvoyance, such as remote viewing, precognition, and psychometry. It includes exercises to help you hone your psychic abilities.

Part Two looks at ways to improve your psychic abilities. It begins by emphasizing the significance of relaxation and focus. It then examines some of the different techniques for developing psychic abilities, such as visualization, affirmations, and positive thinking. It includes exercises to help you hone your psychic abilities.

Part Three examines some of the uses of clairvoyance. It discusses how you can use clairvoyance to improve your life and the lives of others. It investigates the use of clairvoyance in healing, decision making, and personal growth. It includes exercises to help you hone your psychic abilities.

Clairvoyance and Occult Powers contains a number of black-and-white photographs taken by Atkinson himself during his experiments with clairvoyance and other psychic phenomena. As a result, the book is both an informative guide and a fascinating historical document.

Ultimately, Clairvoyance and Occult Powers is a fantastic primer on various psychic abilities. It is well written and organized, making it simple to follow along with the exercises. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in developing their own psychic abilities.

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