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Midsummer 2017

Salt Lake Pagan Society (2)

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Enheduanna is great for writers new and old!  Enheduanna Vol 2 is open for submissions till May 1, accepting works of creative writing and fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, memoirs, author interviews and biographical sections, letters, short stories, literary criticism, essays, and other works.

See the submission guidelines here.


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We are very sad we lost a pine tree in the storm yesterday. Winds knocked it into the neighbors yard and patio, thankfully away from all houses. We had be nurturing, watering, and trimming the tree for years to strengthen it but it just went. We’ll have the cut the one next to it down as well as it’s just as vulnerable. Sad to loose two pines. We will have one left in the temple, but we can make fire wood with the down trees. The area will be reused for native trees and plants. It’s still a shock though to loose a friend. It gave us many beautiful experiences as it watched over our temple area as seen from our Midsummer 2014 photo.


Fallen Pine tree, Sunday, March 5, 2017, Salt Lake City, UT


Midsummer 2014 temple area showing Pine tree in all its glory.

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Check out the submission guidelines under the Enheduanna Journal tab


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Yule 2016


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The Time has arrived, orders are now open for our new literary journal Enheduanna! Get a copy today for just $14.99 and $3.99 shipping! Will be printed After October 31.

The inaugural issue of the new journal published by the Salt Lake Pagan Society, Enheduanna contains 28 authors from many Pagan traditions living across the world. 116 pages of content, with poetry, book reviews, short stories, essays, and memoirs, volume 1 is packed full of spectacular new content from brilliant writers. The highlight of the journal is the first part in a five part series of the memoir of a gay activist fae who was at the 20th anniversary of the the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1989.

Featuring famous Pagan authors: Druid Philip Carr-Gomm, head of OBOD; Druid Ellen Evert Hopman, co-founder of the Order of WhiteOak; and author Raven Digitalis, co-founder of Opus Aima Obscuræ (OAO)

You can order the journal on our publications page


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In the best interest of the organization, SLPS has decided to open its old model for membership, allowing for general members. There is still an application and interview, but the membership fee is now just $25. Being a general member means there is no application for clergy candidacy, no application for the degree system, and a minimum attendance requirement for the 8 sabbats. Instead of an ethics test, general members agree to a code of conduct. This should help those who in the past who couldn’t join, but can now get full membership in the organization and participate in all activities except leadership.

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