[Free eBook] General Book of the Tarot

General Book of the Tarot - A. E. Thierens free ebook

By A. E. Thierens A. E. Thierens was a well-known occult author and scholar who published numerous books on the subject, including The General Book of the Tarot. This work, first published in 1930, is widely regarded as one of the most important tarot texts ever written. It is a …

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[Free eBook] Fortune-Telling by Cards

Fortune-Telling by Cards - P. R. S. Foli cartomancy free ebook

By P. R. S. Foli Divination with cards has been practiced for many centuries. There are numerous methods for telling fortunes, but the most common is to use a standard deck of playing cards. The meanings of the cards vary depending on which culture you consult, but there are some …

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[Free eBook] The Devils of Loudun

The Devils of Loudun ebook free

By Edmund Goldsmid The Devils of Loudun is a book by Edmund Goldsmid that tells the story of a disastrous and contentious case of mass demonic possession in 17th-century France. It’s also a story about religious zealotry and sexuality. Edmund Goldsmidt does a fantastic job of researching the case and …

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[Free eBook] Demons and Tongues

Demons and Tongues - Alma White ebook

by Alma White Demons and Tongues by Alma White is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the occult or spiritual warfare. In the early twentieth century, White was a well-known Pentecostal evangelist who witnessed some of the most spectacular displays of demonic activity in American history. Her book is …

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[Free eBook] Demon Possession and Allied Themes

Demon Possession and Allied Themes ebook

By John Livingstone Nevius This book was written by John Livingstone Nevius (1829-93), a medical missionary in China, to share his observations and experiences with demon possession. The book begins with an account of two demon-possessed women he met, and then goes on to describe how these women were delivered …

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[Free eBook] Demonology and Devil-Lore Volume 1 & 2

Demonology and Devil-Lore ebook

By Moncure Daniel Conway Download contains both Volume 1 and Volume 2 Daniel Conway Moncure’s massive two-volume work on demonology and devil-lore is a veritable encyclopedia of the subject matter. Conway, a former minister who has written extensively on the life of Thomas Paine and other topics, has amassed a …

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[Free eBook] Daemonologie

Daemonologie ebook

By King James The First King James I of England sets out in his book Daemonologie to prove the existence of witches and demons and to dispel the many myths surrounding them. He begins by describing the various types of witches and demons, as well as their various modes of …

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[Free eBook] Cosmic Continuum

Cosmic Continuum - by Ernest L. Norman ebook

By Ernest L. Norman Cosmic Continuum by Ernest L. Norman is a nonfiction work that investigates the relationship between spirituality and the universe. The book is based on the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and that we are all part of a bigger picture. Norman contends that …

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[Free eBook] Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching

Collected Fruits Of Occult Teaching ebook

By A. P. Sinnett A. P. Sinnett was an English journalist and author who authored Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching, an attempt to blend various Eastern and Western mystical traditions. In 1885, the book was published. A. P. Sinnett’s book Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching contains a detailed account of …

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[Free eBook] Clothed with the Sun – by Anna Kingsford

Clothed with the Sun ebook

By Anna Kingsford Clothed with the Sun is a fantastic book. It tells the story of one woman’s spiritual journey through her dreams, visions, and experiences. Anna Kingsford (1846-1888) was an English writer, artist, and one of the first women to be admitted to medical school. She authored numerous books …

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