3 Simple Voodoo Spells to Bring Good Luck and Positive Energy Into Your Life

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Welcome! If you’re looking to bring some luck and positive energy into your life, Voodoo spells can be a great way to do this. Many people don’t understand the power of Voodoo, but it has been used for centuries as a means of connecting with the spiritual world in order to bring good fortune and protection. In this article, we will discuss 3 simple yet powerful Voodoo spells that can help you invite luck and positivity into your life. We will explain each spell in detail so that anyone from beginners to experienced practitioners can incorporate them into their practice with ease.

Spell to Attract Good Luck and Positive Energy

When it comes to attracting good luck and positive energy into your life, one of the best spells to use is a simple candle spell. All you need is a white or green candle and some herbs known for their properties in bringing luck (such as clover, basil, bay leaves). Place the herbs in a small dish on an altar or table and light the candle. As you do this visualize yourself surrounded by abundance of good fortune and luck from all sides. Then chant softly these words:

“From East to West I draw forth success
And with this flame I bring forth my request
Let happiness come fill my days
Brightening even my darkest ways.”

Once finished blow out the flame and leave it to burn down completely on its own while keeping your visualization firmly in mind. When completed bury any leftover herb remains outdoors under soil together with stones that bring protection such as jade, agate or obsidian if desired. Doing so will keep bad energies away from your home while allowing only positive energy inside instead!

Spell to Banish Negative Energies

This spell can be used to ward off negative energy from yourself, your home, or any other place you inhabit. Begin by taking a white candle and carving the words “No Negative Energy” into it. Hold the candle in your hands and close your eyes while visualizing all of the negative energy being drawn away from you and whatever environment you are trying to protect. Then light the candle with a lighter or matchstick and imagine that all of this negative energy is getting released into the open air as smoke from within. As it does so, feel yourself becoming more protected by positive energies until finally extinguish the flame when all of this negativity has been banished completely away from you. If possible avoid letting any part of this smoke touch anything else in order to complete its journey outwards safely without causing harm along its way!

Spell to Release Fear, Worry and Anxiety

The third spell is designed to help you rid yourself of fear, worry and anxiety. Begin by lighting a white candle, which symbolizes purity and peace. As the candle burns, take a few moments to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Visualize all that negativity leaving your body with each exhale. As you do this, chant: “I release my fear, worry and anxiety into the universe for transmutation into positive energy.” Repeat this three times or however many times it takes for you to feel like all those negative emotions have been released from your body completely. Once finished blow out the flame of the white candle as an outward sign of releasing all that negativity from within you. You can repeat this spell anytime feelings of fear or worrying come up in order to maintain a sense of peace in life.

Spell to Increase Your Self-Confidence

If you want to increase your self-confidence, a simple spell can help. This spell is intended to give you the courage and strength of will to take on any challenge that may come your way. All you need for this spell are a few basic items:

1) A white candle or tealight candle
2) An image of yourself
3) Lavender incense
4) A sprig of rosemary

To begin, light the white candle or tealight and place it in front of the image of yourself. Focus on the flame as it burns and repeat affirmations such as “I am strong”, “I am capable”, or “My confidence grows with each day” three times aloud. Place some lavender incense near the flame and allow its scent to fill up your home with positivity. Finally hold a sprig of rosemary in both hands while saying an affirmation such as “I have all I need within me already; my confidence increases by each day”. Place this sprig under your pillow before going to sleep for seven consecutive nights for best results. After doing so for seven days, blow out the candle and discard any materials used during this ritual safely away from home if possible.

Spell to Renew Your Emotional Strength

Spell for Protection Against Bad Karma

It is not uncommon for our lives to take a turn for the worse when bad karma takes hold. To protect yourself from any negative energy, you can use a simple voodoo spell for protection against bad karma. This spell requires five different items that all have protective properties: white sage, blessed thistle, sea salt, black tourmaline and an orange candle. Start by lighting the candle and casting a circle of protection around you with the white sage while chanting words of protection such as “invincible shield surrounds me now.” Next sprinkle some sea salt in each direction around your circle before adding blessed thistle petals to enhance its strength. Finally place black tourmaline in each corner of your ritual area to complete your protective barrier before blowing out the candle and visualizing yourself safely surrounded by this sacred space. With this simple voodoo spell in place it will be difficult for any negative energies or intentions to penetrate it!

Spell for Protection Against Bad Karma

Spell to Renew Your Emotional Strength

Voodoo spells are a powerful form of magick that can be used to bring good luck and positive energy into your life. One type of spell that is particularly useful for those who are feeling emotionally drained is the Spell to Renew Your Emotional Strength. This spell helps you reconnect with your inner strength and allows you to move forward in life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

To create this spell, begin by gathering any items or symbols that remind you of emotional strength or resilience such as a feather, stone, shell, candle or piece of cloth. Next, light an orange-scented candle while holding these items in both hands and repeat the following words out loud: “I call upon my inner strength so I may be strong again” three times. Once finished saying the words allow yourself to remain in meditation for several minutes before blowing out the candle and keeping all items on display somewhere visible in your home as a reminder of your emotional power within yourself as well as from outside sources such as friends or family members who have offered support throughout difficult times.

The Spell to Renew Your Emotional Strength can help restore balance during chaotic periods when it feels like too much has been asked from us emotionally; it also helps us remember our own resources we have within ourselves which will make us even stronger than before! With regular practice this Voodoo ritual will help fill up our reserve tank with optimism allowing us more space for joyous experiences throughout our lives!

Voodoo spells are an excellent way to bring good luck and positive energy into your life. They involve using magical items such as candles, herbs, and oils to create an atmosphere conducive to manifesting your desired outcome. With dedication and persistence, you can use these three simple voodoo spells to make positive changes in your life. The potential is limitless! So don’t be afraid – have fun with it! Add a few of these rituals into your daily routine today, and start feeling the effects of increased good luck and positive energy in no time.