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SLPS joins millions and more around the world in grieving for the loss of the brilliant actor and man Leonard Nimoy, who passed as Friday, February 27, 2015 fat his Bel Air home in California from complications from COPD (chronic obstructed pulmonary disorder). He is best know for playing Spock on the orignial Star Trek series 1966-1969, but was much more than just a pointy ear half human alien. A photographer, author and director, we are glad he was our grandfather (he adopted people on Twitter who didn’t have their own). We very much appreciated all his life’s work before and after his death. As in the words of Spock:

“We have always been and always shall be your friend.”

Leonard Nimoy



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SLPS had a wonderful time reading tarot and palms at the U of U Crimson Nights, themed out for Mardi Gras on Friday, February 21, 2015. Going from 9pm to midnight, SLPS read the tarot next to Kim’s Cold-Blooded Creatures… which included spiders and snakes! President Daniel Cureton even carried a fire legged tarantula on his arm! The lines where out the door as usual, a big success for SLPS, who enjoys doing the events for students.

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2015-02-20 20.48.55

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SLPS gathered to celebrate the full moon on Saturday, February 7, 2015. The full moon goddess such as Diana, Ane, Isis and other mother goddesses were honored with offerings. They were sought and asked to continue their blessings upon the members.



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