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SLPS took a slightly different turn for this year’s Imbolc, 2015. No formal ritual or rite was performed on Saturday, January 31, 2015, but a basic toast to the Goddess Brigid took place with drum sticks and chicken breasts being lifted into the air. After a busy week leading up to the event, it was decided to take an easy approach and honor Brigid in with a feast. Sometimes, no ritual is the best ritual!


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The beloved store, that closed its doors in September 2014, has changed its name to Silver Moons. Silver Moons maintains an online/festival presence, but has not decided to reopen a store front at this point. If it does, it will be under the new name of Silver Moons. Interestingly though, the shop has not changed its Facebook page to the new name, but has updated its website.

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With all that old wax, what do you do with it? Melt it down and make candles! The members of SLPS met to make candles, a traditional activity for Imbolc as it is also known as Candle Mass (Christian). All that is need is the pot or double boiler, the wax, wicks, and the vessel in which the candles will be. Traditional dipping is an extended activity, so SLPS opted for melt and pour technique. Old glass candles had to be heated slowly, and the ones without vessels were put into a melting container specifically for that purpose.

Some sacred herbs and oils were added to the mix as well on a few. One very good note is to be sure the area is clean and the wax does not have dust or particles as this can make the candles crackle and and cause variations when they burn! It took several pours on the large vessels to achieve a solid surface as the middle of the candles would sink down. Overall, a fun and great weekend activity!


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The members of SLPS met privately on Saturday, January 17, 2015 for their own private new moon ritual. The workings in private allow for more unique experience with a more personal connection to deity. Honoring of the moon goddess, a meditation by fire and drum and giving of offerings for the blessings all took place. The members set a goal to plan a garden for spring time, once the wintry ground defrosts in the coming months. 10917468_834409286615818_9093935956783475950_n10934055_834409279949152_2674101411712996357_n

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SLPS had a wonderful time participating in the Annual Interfaith Season as part of the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable. SLPS hosted an educational New Moon Ritual to Artemis, around the January new moon, at Dancing Cranes Imports Friday, January 16, 2015 from 5-7pm. 25 people showed to learn more about Wicca, Paganism and the Goddess Artemis. The ceremony included a drum circle and fire meditation. President Daniel Cureton and April Love explained the items on the altar and answered questions about differences between Paganism and non Pagan traditions. One question that came up right away was “What’s the difference between Wicca an Paganism?” President Cureton¬†commented “They’re the same thing. Paganism is the umbrella term for anything non Abrahamic.” President Cureton also discussed queerness in Paganism, ¬†“We had a small discussion about why so many folks who are queer seem to be attracted to it. I stated that because it’s usually very accepting and how personal Pagan paths are is the big appeal. People want to do their own spirituality.”

The origins of Western Occultism were introduced by April Love, “The foundation of a lot of the symbology of Neopaganism is in the Jewish mysteries of the Qabalah, the Tree of Life. It underlines much of the meanings for things like why the number 3 is a sacred number, the four quarters and their elemental associations, and the practice of ritualized, structured magic.”

After the questions, the drumming and guided meditation took place. The smokeless fire was used as a focus point while the beat of the drum and shaking of percussion instruments help people transcend. Everyone shared cookies and apple juice after offerings were given to the Goddess. Artemis blessed everyone present.

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SLPS had a great Plazafest at the University of Utah Student Union! President Daniel Cureton read tarot for free with his Deviant Moon Tarot deck for about 20 people on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at the U’s Spring Plazafest, which is the U’s version of “club rush” for the first week of each semester. Most people who get their cards read are first timers, or had only had them done once or so in the past. The free tarot is a great way to connect with new people and to help others spiritually by showing them a snapshot of their lives at that moment.

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Curious about moon magic and the Goddess? Come celebrate her at this open new moon ritual!

As part of the interfaith season and a member of the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable, we will be hosting an open new moon ritual for all those curious. We will be working magic by the moon on the first new moon of 2015. The ritual will be centered around the Greek Goddess Artemis, huntress and goddess of the new moon.

This is a free event and we will have a Q & A after

New Moon Flyer SLPS January 2015

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