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On Friday, October 31, 2014, SLPS met to give acknowledgement and speak with the honored dead! Halloween lanterns decorated the trees, with witches’ hat candle holders on the table with painted pumpkins among other Halloween decorations. The sugar skull topped the altar, painted last week as part of the Samhain decorations, bringing in the tradition of Saint Death and Day of the Dead festivities.

A small ceremony was held in which the ancestors of those gone to the grave, were welcomed back to the world of the living, for a few brief moments to speak to their living Kin. Hounds were heard in the distance barking madly at the moment the gates were opened, only to be calmed when they left. Reports of fathers, aunts, and animals were seen around the temple. The offerings to the Goddess Hekate and the God Cernunnos who died at this time, to be reborn at Yule. Offerings were wine and hazelnut cookies, offered in the Baron La Croix bowl.

Samhain is also the last harvest holiday before snow falls, bringing in the gourds, pumpkins, and last fruits of the season such as apples, parsnips, cabbage, and berries. A feast in honor the dead was held with foods such as chicken mole enchiladas and jalapeno bean salad with wine.

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The Wheel has turned again and Samhain is upon us. This year Samhain will take place at the Temple of the Sun and Moon. We will celebrate the honored dead and invite them to speak to us in circle. The Lord Cernunnos will die, and be born again at Yule.

When: Friday, October 31, 2014

jack o lantern

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SLPS had a fun night this past Friday, October 25, 2014 crafting items for Samhain next Friday on the 31st of October. We painted pumpkins in different colors and did another large plaster sugar skull to adorn the altar, which is part of the Day of the Dead festivities.

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SLPS had a great time helping out again this year at the Church of the Sacred Circle Fall psychic fair on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Twice a year a fair is held in which the COSC raises money for expenses. President Daniel Cureton participated in reading his Deviant Moon Tarot for five people.


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The 14th annual LGBT Gay-la and Silent Auction was held on October 2, 2014 at  6pm at the Wagner Jewish Community Center at the University of Utah. SLPS donated a $75 Tarot gift certificate as part of the auction which sold for $10. We here at SLPS are glad to help the Silent Auction as the money raised from both events goes to the scholarship and emergency fund. Each year several students receive approximately $2,000 each in scholarships from the LGBT Resource Center. The reserve one time emergency fund is avaliabe to students in exceptional financial need and difficulty and is approximate $500 each. SLPS looks forward to donating again at the 2015 Gay-la and Silent Auction.


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