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SLPS appeared again in the University of Utah’s newspaper the Daily Utah Chronicle for a second time in two weeks for doing free tarot at the Union Programming Council’s (UPC) event “Make Your Dreams Come True Day” for Valentines. April Love and Daniel Cureton headed over on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at the Student Union from 11-1pm, doing 25 readings to help shape people’s future. President Cureton was able to speak to some of the goals and ambitions of the Society, “We do free tarot whenever we can,” Cureton said. “It’s a spiritual service that we enjoy providing to the community.” Read the rest of the article on the Chrony’s website!

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Each year the Utah Pride Festival has an interfaith service as part of the festival activities. With the 2013 service, the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition’s interfaith event was moved from the Saturday afternoon slot to a Thursday evening, beginning the festivities with prayer and worship for all people. The 2014 service will continue the tradition, bringing in Pride with prayer and worship.

The UPIC seeks to promote healing, love, and to include everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA in finding, worshiping and making reconciliation with and to the divine if they have been exiled, shamed, forgotten, silenced, shunned and banished for their sexual orientation/expression and gender identity/expression. The main message that “God loves all” and that “all can worship the Divine” is in their mission statement “Together, we celebrate the divine within each of us. It is tragically believed by some gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people that on the event of their coming-out they lose all rights to consider themselves people of faith, spiritual and capable of holiness.  As an Interfaith community we come together from many diverse faiths and cultures, to proclaim loudly and proudly that such is not the case!  Each of us is a being of love, created as we are.” – Maureen Aisling Duffy-Boose, 1734 Witch and Priestess.

The theme of this year will most likely stay the same as the festival’s, “Love Equals Love”. This year’s service will be on Thursday, June, 5, 2014 at 7pm at Wasatch Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, UT. More to come as future planning meetings and details unfold.

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All the hard work has paid off! The Daily Utah Chronicle, the newspaper of the University of Utah has released a front page article for February 4, 2014 about SLPS exhibition “A Look at Paganism” at the J. Willard Marriott Library at the U. President Cureton was interviewed for the article on February 3, and it was published the next day. Take a look at the story online or pick up a copy before the run out! You can also check out all the photos from the exhibit here, from SLPS Facebook page.

Daily Utah Chronicle February 3, 2014 Article Library Sets up Paganism DisplayLibrarylibrary (2)

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Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the Imbolc ceremony on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at Dancing Cranes Imports at 6pm. SLPS helped kick off the 2014 Interfaith Month with Imbolc. Lakshmi stood in since Brigid arrived late. The table was decorated with a handmade table cloth by April Love in the late winter seasonal design. Flowers, cookies, sparkling apple cider, candles and more all decorated the altar. Since the ritual was squeezed into the small time space of an hour, some creative editing was necessary.

After reading Imbolc poetry, there was singing and dancing, cleansing and blessing, all before Brigid appeared. She stepped in for a visit through one of the mediums and gave spiritual advice to everyone through the tarot. Afterwards, everyone came forward to received blessings from her through sacred fire.

The energy was sent out into the universe at the close and the rest was returned to the living Earth.

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Hi Folks. just a heads up that there will be no meeting, Witches Tea at Cafe Solstice today Sunday, February 2, 2014. Pres Cureton is sick and doesn’t want to spread it around

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