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Merry Meet everyone. SLPS Is now proud to offer ordination and a degree training program in the New American Tradition. If you’d like to learn about it, study magic, witchcraft, the occult and get ordained as a pagan priest, then check out the new page FAQs


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Everyone had a great time celebrating the new moon on Saturday, November 2, 2013. A few of SLPS members came together so give honor and thanks to the great crone and set new goals for the month. The cauldron Awen had been pulled out for special use by President Cureton, allowing for a more intense spell working and journeying to be completed.  The tradition pointy witches’ hat can even be seen on Lauren Holman!

2013-11-02 20.41.23 2013-11-02 20.41.31 2013-11-02 20.46.11 2013-11-02 20.47.04 2013-11-02 20.56.02 2013-11-02 21.21.20

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