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Saturday, September 21, 2013 brought the Fall Equinox known and Alban Elued or Mabon. After a bit of an unorthodox start, the ritual got rolling at 10pm (instead of the usual 6).  The ritual kicked off with the usual cleansing and spheres of protection. President Daniel Cureton performed the druid opening rites and led everyone into the celebration of light and dark. The Hermit came knocking to the temple doors  holding the light of life. He spoke to everyone, announcing himself as the guide of souls before passing his lantern to Ra who said his goodbyes from the light time of year and finally onto Cernunnos who takes over at this time. Cernunnos spoke of his support and love for each person, how they should not be afraid to push forward into the dark times and look into the soul. He blessed everyone and promised to walk the journey with them.

Mabon magic was worked with everyone burning away a problem in their lives in the Cauldron Awen. Esus danced in the circle as part of the druid rite of Alban Elued performed by president Cureton Ganesh stopped by as part of the Chaturthi celebrations to have a piece of pie and hear the Mabon poetry read, and with that, the ritual closed till next fall and the feasting of ribs and pickled mushrooms began. A heathen sumbol performed with the traditional drinking horned being passed as cheers to the deities went up into the air late into the night.

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The time has come to prepare for what lies ahead…. the dark times! Mabon is the time of year when the sun lessens in strength and light and when the night begins to become the ruling phase of our lives.  The God is aging and preparing for his departure at Samhain and the Goddess starts her transition into the Crone phase. The second of the three harvests, the crops that have come in around this time are berries, pears, peaches, and mushrooms. The ritual will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 6pm in the New American Tradition. SLPS president Daniel Cureton will lead the ritual. The center piece is a commissioned painting acrylic on canvas by the favored artist Kurt Shoopman of Kentucky featuring several skyclad gods dancing around the Mabon fire. Feasting afterward as usual. If you’d like to attend the next sabbat, please come to Witches’ Tea for more info.

(Flyer by Sergey Khrushchev)

Mabonmabon paiting

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What a fun day out after Sunday morning tea! A few SLPS members headed to Big Cottonwood Canyon to gather magical plants and items on Sunday, September 15, 2013. River rocks, white sage, wild rose and granite were on the list and after several hours of hunting and gathering, they were successful! Each September brings the opportunity to gather the last of the summer plants and the pre-fall blooms. With the river being almost too cold to wade through, any time post Mabon is just too cold!

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The 12th annual Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day was a success! The festival began at 10am on Saturday, September 14, 2013 in Murray Park’s pavilions 1, 2, and 3 and lasted till 6pm. SLPS had a beautiful sacred space set up and offered free tarot readings. The shops Gypsy wagon of American Fork, UT, and The Typsy Gypies of Lehi, UT were the neighbors for the day on either side of the SLPS. booth. The day opened with the morning ritual by the Four Dragons Clann of the 1734 Tradition and people filing in for free readings. As noontime approached, the heavens opened and rain poured down for twenty minutes on everyone. Most of the guests took cover under the canopies and pavilions and watched the bards and belly dancers perform their art. The rained stopped and the people returned. 4pm brought the closing ritual by Harts Hearth Clan of Grantsville. They performed a ceremony to Frey And Freyja in the northern asatru tradition. 6pm was the close and everyone packed up to return home till next year’s pride. Till we meet again!

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SLPS had a great time helping the new Utah Valley University Pagan Association get on its feet. President Daniel Cureton read tarot at the club rush on Thursday, September 11, 2013. Sitting with the interfaith section and next to the ROTC, many soldiers came for readings, as well as the regular students at the rush. President Sergey Khrushchev was pleased with the amount of attention the free tarot drew, as it helped get the word out that UVUPA is up and going!


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Hi Folks! The time for Pagan Pride has arrived! This year’s event will be at the normal location of Murray Park Pavilions 1, 2, and 3 in Murray, UT 84107 Saturday, September 14, 2013, from 10am-6pm. Admission is free. There will be vendors, groups, and public rituals as part of the schedule. SLPS will have a booth there and will be doing the usual free tarot readings. If you get a chance, please stop by the booth and get a reading from one of the talented and experienced readers there. See you all then!

salt lake pagan pride

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After about a six month break, USUPA has found new leadership and resumed operations at USU this fall, 2013. After the graduation of the first president and founder, Kassie Cressall, USUPA underwent a time of uncertainty. The activities became fewer until there none, communications and other advertising slowed to a dull roar and the leadership all but vanished.  Over late spring and summer of 2013 USUPA found a new leader. A current student at USU, Anya Hawke has stepped forward to take on the reigns of the organization. From a Facebook message to SLPS president Daniel Cureton dated August 10, 2013, Ms. Hawke commented on her new position and upcoming events for USUPA “Well, we don’t have many plans set in stone at this point. We’re meeting next week to work those out. But our tentative plans are to have a booth out on quad for Club Day during the first of classes to help spread the word that we’re back. Then we will have monthly full moon rituals, movie nights probably about as often, and classes as often as we can get volunteers to teach them. Witches’ Tea, our Saturday meet up to chat and chill will happen every week. Our traditional location the Citrus and Sage, might change since they might be closing down. We will be holding a Samhain ritual that will be open to the public like we used to, as well. The goal is to become a self sustaining club. One that will continue after I step down as president. The current leadership includes me as President, Brie as Vice President, and Alina as our Publicist/Public Relations Officer. We want to keep this club a safe and open place for people that follow a less conventional path.” Since USUPA will be back up and running, LUPA-Logan Utah Pagan Alliance, the temporary community organization run by Ms. Cressall will close it’s door and give the space back to USUPA. SLPS wishes them luck and success as they get back on their feet!

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