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Thanks to all whom came this past Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 8pm. A few members gathered around to celebrate and give thanks to moon goddess at her full power. Magic and spells, love and gratitude, spirits and energy were worked this night.

The first order of business brought a few small spells for charging and making new amulets of protection. The main ritual was a gratitude ceremony to Ganesh for all he has done for us. Some of the songs played and danced to included Elephant Power, Om and Son of Shiva all by MC Yogi on his album Elephant Power. Some of the members rang bells and clapped while others shook percussion instruments for Ganesh. Ganesh himself was seen wiggling his ears and joining in the fun!

November’s full moon brought a special time for one of the members of SLPS. Amber Hafen, the beloved advertising director happened to have been born on this auspicious day!. With cake, card, candles and flower, the group gathered around her and sang and gave special birthday wishes and love. The benefit of pagan birthdays besides all the goodies, is that the candles can be washed, cleaned and stored away until they are needed for wishing magic!

With the birthday over, the ritual came to a close and the cake portioned out. April Love, SLPS adviser made a homemade white cake with chocolate frosting…delicious! Afterwards, the party continued with a viewing of Too Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar!

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The U of U Pagan Society will soon be changing its name. Forced to do so under a new trademark agreement, the University of Utah trademarked the words “U of U”. Along with it are a few other items to the list of trademarks. Part of the official email from the U stated “The name and symbols of your organization must not include the use of registered University trademarks including: THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH; UTAH; RUNNIN’ UTES; UTES; official block letter “U”; UU; U of U; Lady Utes; ASUU; Swoop; Block U with medical caduceus; Circle and feather; The Muss; The School Seal; The School Medallion.”

Thanks to the U, UUPS will have to change all official documents and logos as well as its website and email. Please join in the effort to pick a new name. Submit comments below or email your ideas to uofupagansociety@gmail.com

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Thanks to those who came and participated in the new moon ritual on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 8pm. A small circle as usual, those attended gathered by the drums and fire to once again draw down the power of the dark moon in their lives. Dark or new moons are times of diminished light and are periods helpful for meditation, chanting, transjourney workings, drumming, astral travel, banishings, cleansings, setting goals and any other inner workings that tap into the dark aspect of being, soul, the earth, moon and magic.

Those present reported seeing the ancestors when they were invoked by the black candle, talking with the Goddess, being at peace and coming away from the drumming and meditation fire with a renewed sense of center. Next up, is the full moon! Check out the photos below.


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