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The wheel has turned and Samhain has come and gone. Thanks to all whom attended the combined UUPS and Sunstave Samhain ritual and feast on Saturday, October 27, 2012 6pm.

The temple area was decorated with the altars and tables with their elemental associations. Flowers and gourds were placed on the main altar and a special ancestral table was placed in the west for people to set items of loved ones onto. Arianrhod watched over the table while the event took place.

Everyone entered the circle space after the circle was cast and were cleansed with sage and holy water. President Daniel Cureton opened the circle in the druid fashion and had the quarters called afterwards.

What first took place was a calming chant We Are the Old Ones, followed by the death of Cernunnos, who left us to go to the land of spirits to await rebirth at Yule. Hades then was channeled by president Cureton and spoke to the circle before interacting with gate keeper of the west. The Gate Keeper, played by Iyata Bond, offered her soul in payment for a few minutes with the spirits of the dead. Hades, being so honored by her sincerity, open the gate without taking her soul. The spirits of the dead came rushing in to meet and talk with their loved ones. Some reported seeing lovers, parents and even pets that had gone on. In the middle of all this, three hounds were heard in the distance barking madly in the silence.

To the tune of the song Queen Medusa by Whispering Woods, Medusa was seen and heard from next. She joined the circle and took everyone’s problems that they had been dealing with throughout the year and burned them in the new year’s fire. She transformed and supported and will continue to support those whom accepted her offering of help.

The circle and grove were closed and the feasting began. The feast included deviled eggs, funeral potatoes, chicken and butternut squash soup. After the feast brought the Samhain part at the Church of the Sacred Circle temple where all sat by the fire and welcomed the new year while drinking Drunken Oak mead. Check out the photos below!

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The wheel has turned and Samhain, known to non magical folks as Halloween is upon us. The Celtic new year is a time for renewing commitments, setting goals and honoring the dead.

This year’s Samhain is a special one since UUPS picked up the Sun Stave Staff and will be hosting Sun Stave for Samhain.  Part of this year’s Samhain will consist of drinking to the new year, a druid rite, wiccan death ceremony of Cernunnos, and calling in the dead or ancestors to deliver messages from the other realm, help their living loved ones improve and move forward in their lives.

Please bring an item or photo of a loved one that has passed. There will be a separate ancestral table to set them on. This ritual will included heavy emotions, be prepared to see those beyond the grave. Feast will be after as usual. Dress warmly and if able, please bring a seasonally appropriate dish.

Address: 7455 Parkridge Cir, SLC UT 84121
**** Here are some helpful tips for food ****

If you can, please think beyond bringing chips and salsa for your food contribution. 🙂 We have paper plates, plastic forks and spoons and plastic cups and two microwaves for re-heating items. If you are allergic to cats, be aware that the house is owned…errrr shared by 11 of those feline beasties: plan accordingly with your meds.

Ideas and suggestions for seasonal foods include: steamed carrots, pumpkin pie, garlic mashed potatoes, chicken (rotisserie or otherwise), soups (for example winter squash soup) macaroni & cheese, rice pilaf, enchiladas, other casseroles. Remember our vegetarian sisters & brothers, but think beyond the “vegetable platter.”


(Flyer by Sergey Khrushchev)

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Psychic, tarot, and mediums all around! That’s what the crowd was like at the Church of the Sacred Cirlce’s Psychic fair that took place this past Saturday, October 13, 2012 on site at their Temple in West Valley.  The yurt was set up with small tables and chairs  allowing for a total of five readers and mediums. At about 3:30, the crowds started flocking in for tarot themes ranging from fairy to samhain!

Mid evening brought relief as the crowds slowed and allowed for some stretch time by the psychics. Vending supplies was provided by Jared and Libby of the Celtic Bazaar, a local traveling pagan shop. Most people can’t wait till next years Psychic fair! Check out the pics below of the CSC altars, yurt and event!

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No events Sunday

Due to several sicknesses and other issues that have arisen with UUPS members (and general conference traffic), there will be no tea or plant gathering this Sunday, October 7, 2012. See you all for the Church of the Sacred Circle Psychic Fair, the new moon ritual or next Sunday for tea!

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