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Thanks to all who came this morning, September 30, 2012 at 9am and helped collect magical plants and herbs! After finding the appropriate guides and maps to wildflowers and trees of the Wasatch, the members of UUPS headed up to Big Cottonwood. With field guides and magical bolines, the identifying, harvesting and thanking commenced. Many of the plants were eager to be part of a magical apothecary and be in a warm home before the fall snow hits in October.

After a few hours, the sun was sneaking high into the sky and everyone called it a day. There will be another herb gathering event. For now the fruits of the harvest include sage brush, prickly pear cactus, unita groundsel, hairy goldenaster, perry’s goldenrod, and scarlet gilia!  The big poisonous plant we found is Myrtle Spurge! Just a note, the flowers look pretty but this plant in the third and fourth photos is poisonous and considered a noxious weed when cultivated! So do not cultivate if you take some home on our next trip. Check out the photos below!

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Remember everyone that we are meeting this morning around 10:30 at the 711 of Big Cottonwood Canyon to hunting for acorns and sage. No tea since we’ll be gathering. Bring you magical bolines, basket, biscuits and hiking boots!

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Thanks to all who came and made Mabon a terrific event! This past Saturday, September 22, 2012, UUPS met under the shade of pines to give honor and celebration to the passing of the light to the dark and the aging deities.

Starting the ritual right after sunset, President Daniel Cureton got things rolling with the calling the elements and deities and giving praise and honor to the aging Gods and Goddesses in the Wiccan Celtic pantheon. With a beautiful altar, all those present danced and sang while  beating drums, shaking rattles and ringing bells!

About then, the Hermit showed up carrying a lantern! It was the aged God! He divided the light from the dark and allowed Apollo to speak to us and to pass the lantern of light to the Shadow side of himself, the Lord of Shadow Cerununnos. The Lord of Shadow allowed everyone to banish something into the Mabon fire that they wish to work on before the light was dimmed. A meditation on the darkness followed for a few minutes before the Lord departed. Now all are on the path as the dark times move forward!

Ganesh showed up in time for his birthday celebration! Lots of dancing and singing took place as Ganesh channeled himself into everyone present.

The closing of Mabon brought a memorial service for one of the members cats, Ms. Big Kitty. She passed on to the big castle in the sky with the Goddess at the age of 16. Condolences and words of comfort were offered before cakes and ale and the closing before the feast!

Feasting brought stuffed chickens, garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and more! With wine flowing, Baccus was making his rounds! All had a wonderful and safe time at this year’s Mabon. Till next we meet under magic and moon at Samhain!

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After such a wonderful Mabon celebration and feast, the members need to charge up again and get rested. No tea today for the pagan society. See you all next week!

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The fall is coming! The dark times are near! Come join in the celebration and witness the passing of the light times of the year from Apollo to the dark times of the year to Hades. This is an auspicious time when light and dark are equal again. The increasing darkness tells us to turn inward, walk the path and seek the light within. We will also be celebrating Ganesh’s birthday! Feast as usual will be after the ritual!

(Flyer by Sergey Khrushchev)


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Due to President Cureton being sick with Tonsillitis…All activities will be cancelled till further notice. Please send him healing energy, prayers and candles of healing so he may recover quickly!


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What a wonderful opportunity the U of U Pagan Society had this past Sunday, September 9, 2012 to table and have a booth at the 11th annual Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day in Murray Park. After getting lost a few times and finding the access to pavilions 1,2, and 3, everything was set up by 9:45, just in time for everyone to get there new UUPS t-shirts on and for the festival to start at 10am.

The opening ritual of the festival included a simple dancing ritual by the members of Earth Haven Coven and Crone’s Hollow. Shortly after the ritual, flocks of people came to the booth to to receive free tarot readings as well as to see the big joint altar set up by UUPS and one of the sister groups of UUPS The Iseum of the Divine Feminine-Fellowship of Isis. Thinking statues were for sale, several members had to be one watch to make sure none of the gods and goddess tried to leave with curious patrons. At noon, a thelemic ritual was performed by two members of Horus Oasis O.T.O. right next to the booth…  it was quite interesting trying to read the tarot with all the “hail Horus and AGLA”s!! A few people did utilize the opportunity and gave a few hails of their own at the joint altar and cleansed some items in the holy water representing the Goddesses.

As the day rolled on, the lines didn’t let up for the people wanting free ten card spread tarot readings.  Luckily, UUPS and ISD had several readers on hand to switch off with so everyone got a break, ate lunch and rested under the cool shade of maples and the tent while listening to traditional gypsy violin

Near the end of the festival about 4pm, Lei Loni Tilley, a mermaid of the great salt lake, made an appearance and one of Salt Lake’s finest didgeridoo players was blowing his way to fame at pavilion one. Even so, the line for tarot was so long, the sign had to be taken down to ensure the booth could be packed up by the closing time at 6pm!

All in all, it was a wonderful event. UUPS and IDF met and talked with hundreds of people as well as giving advice, news, comfort and solace to hundreds through the tarot.

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