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Midsummer 2012

All went well and smooth this past June 23, 2012 at 6pm~! Thanks to everyone who attended and made the festivities possible! President Daniel Cureton led a group of 8 through a wiccan mythos duel of the Holly and Oak kings. The circle was opened with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Qabbalistic and Rose Crosses and the druid ceremony of proclaiming peace in the four quarters. After the quaurters were invoked, the Fae were invited to attend!

The apex of the ceremony was when The two kings fought a small battle and switched places as the ruling king for the next half of the year. With the beating of a drum the Holly King declared his victory over the Oak king!

Next, president Cureton performed a druidic rite of invkoking the God Beli, a midsummer Welch fire God honored at this time. The radiant energy of Beli was felt by everyone present. He blessed everyone before leaving to attend other rites this Midsummer Day.

The conclusion of the ceremony brought the great right by the Holly King and Queen and a blessing by Oberon, king of the Fae and consort to Mab! The feastivities concluded with the usual feasting of enchiladas made by Ashton Longhurst, the Sacred Keeper of Enchiladas and summer Russian soup, Okroshka.

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Thanks to everyone who attended Junes’ New Moon Ritual/Drum Circle and Fire meditation. As usual ritual started out with magical workings but President Daniel Cureton instituted a new circle design that uses the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Qabbalistic Cross and Rose Cross for protection. Arch angels were invoked as well as quarters and even a special circle of faeries attended as those present requested the tossing and blessings of the fae. Shortly after the dust was spread around the circle a large ring of fae poofed into circle, happy, cheering and excited to be with everyone.

Energies ran extremely high this circle. Lots of ancestors were reported being seen by president Cureton while drumming, Callista Dreamwalker and Ryc Pellum (top photo left and inside left) said that children wee heard singing and humming. Even a fire guest was present during the meditation.  UUPS is certainly grateful for all astral visitors and ancestors who helped the members set goals and find answers in their lives. The Goddesses blessings were upon everyone and thanks were given by offerings of double stuffed cookies and berry juice!

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Hi Folks

Midsummer is upon us again! UUPS will be doing a celebration and feast as usual. Be sure to check out the ritual outline and sign up for food on the food list!

(Flyer by Amber Hafen)

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This past June 9, the member of UUPS had the great chance to meet and perform magic under the moon. A review of the principles of magic, the quarters, will and spell casting was included in this circle. Luna gave freely of her blessings and Ganesh helped everyone accomplish their goals and magic rites. Thanks to all who attended. Till next we meet under mother moon!

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Thanks to all who attend and helped at the booth at this year’s Utah Pride Festival. We had an eventful weekend which included the interfaith service, interfaith march, Sunday’s parade and free tarot readings at the booth! We had so many people wanting readings that we had to turn folks away when the gates closed. Wait time was over an hour! But we feel grateful being able to help and bring solace, validation and guidance to those seeking answers. Those of us that marched in the parade could feel the wealth of gratitude washing over us as we were cheered on and thanked for being the only Pagan representation at the parade and festival! We even had pagans from Logan join us in the middle of the march! All in all it was a success and UUPS can’t wait for next year! Check out the photos below!

LGBT Pride 2012 l to r- Sharon Pellum, Daniel Cureton, April Love with Banner before march June 3, 2012 Salt Lake City, UTuup pride 2012 sharon

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Hi Folks!

Come out and join us for this years LGBTQ PRIDE Festival! We will be participating in several events this weekend, here’s a list

Saturday, June 2, 2012-

12:30 Interfaith service and march

3-8 festival

Sunday, June 3, 2012-

9am-1 PRIDE Parade March

2-7 festival

Come stop by the booth, march in the parade with us and have a good old time! If you’d like to help out, please contact Daniel C at 8017094632

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