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Congratulations everyone, the U of U Pagan Society has successfully completed its transition to a non profit organization. Filing under the Open Mind Foundation as a DBA, everything was set in order at the Utah Department of Commerce. Non we can really enjoy the benefits of being a unpaid service organization that is here to help people find, explore and understand paganism as well as service. Thanks to everyone who helped us in this goal.

Bright Blessings

Daniel Cureton

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The dark moon blessed the members of UUPS this February and was gracious in giving power and spirit to those seeking guidance, validation, faith. Ritual included spell workings, meditation fire and drum circle. Photos below.

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Luna, the ever loving mother moon has returned to full power. UUPS member met and called her down into their lives to do magic, over obstacles, healing and more. This group consisted of just the core members of UUPS and its adviser. This full moon brought the opportunity for UUPS members to give thanks and show gratitude to Aphrodite or Venus for continued love and support in their lives. Photos below

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