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Thanks to all who came and participated in the first Yule celebration and feast by UUPS. Last years was jointly held with WANDS of Westminster College.

President Cureton is seen left (below: top) with the Yule Cast. Lef to Right: Ryc Pellum, Callista Dreamwalker, Daniel Cureton, Sergey Khrushchev (CJ) and Sharon Pellum. All were dressed in robes and wreathed for their parts. Ryc and Callista were president Cureton’s helpers while CJ and Sharon played the part of God and Goddess.

The Yule altar was decorated with lots of tea light candles, votive candles, quarter candles, wreathes, spruce, holly and other seasonal plants. The God and Goddess statue with them in union (below second) was hauled out for use for this holiday as Yule is about the birthing of the God from the Goddess, his mother, queen, consort, wife and lover.

After generous praise and preparation, the Goddess went into labor right there in the temple and gave birth to the God. He greeted everyone with a loving arms carrying a message for each person to hear. Gifts, hails, praise and gratitude were given to the God this night as all kneeled in acknowledgement of his divine grace and power.

Toasting and praise to other deities ensued before closing. The roars, laughter and praise broke out especially after Baccas invoked with wine! All in all, UUPS had a wonderful time. The feasting was after and everyone ate their fill of holiday delectable!

Till we meet again at the Altar of Life!

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Each month brings another opportunity to draw down the power of the dark moon. UUPS had a wonderful time celebrating the last new moon of 2011! As usual the ritual included spellworking and meditation by drum circle. Check out the photos!

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Every month brings the renewed opportunity to call down the power of the full moon. This month brought a wonderful time for UUPS members to call on Luna and embrace Lord Ganesh to help them be empowered and overcome difficulties. During the full moon, members Laura and Ryc Pellum dueled over who would get to call on Lord Ganesh to help them in their magic.  All present could feel the helping hand of Lord Ganesh come down from above to overcome difficulties and accomplish their magical rites. The magic was pooled together by the members. UUPS can’t wait till next month to call down Lord Ganesh and work magic rites.

full moon 1

Full Moon Ritual Ganesh December 10, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT

full moon 2

Full Moon Ritual l to r-Laura Farsnworth, Callista Dreamwalker, Arrysa Pellum, December 10, 2011 Salt Lake City UT

full moon 3

Full Moon Ritual l to r-Laura Farnsworth, Callista Dreamwalker, Aryssa and Sharon Pellum, December 10, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT

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