Celebrate Pagan Pride Day

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Pagan Pride Day is a wonderful celebration of the diversity of the Pagan and Wiccan communities. It is an opportunity for Pagans to gather and share their beliefs with others in a positive and respectful environment. The day also promotes religious tolerance and understanding, as well as nature’s many wonders.

It’s time to gather and celebrate our diverse beliefs and practices. Paganism is an ancient earth-based religion that reveres Nature and the life cycle. We honor the Earth Mother and give thanks for her bounty on this day. We also remember our forefathers and ask for their guidance in living our lives according to pagan principles.

Pagan Pride Day takes place on Saturday, August 25th this year. Many cities around the world will host events to bring pagans of all traditions together to celebrate our commonality as well as our diversity. Music, dancing, food and drink vendors selling their wares (often with a pagan or seasonally-themed twist), ritual performances, workshops on various aspects of paganism… really anything that celebrates nature and humanity can be found at these events! Come out and join us, whether you’re new to paganism or have been practicing for years!

Woman celebrating pagan pride