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A few members of SLPS gathered on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 8pm to give thanks to the New Moon Goddess for her blessings and support this path may. “We worked magic, set goals, and had a great time chanting the songs of our Mother” said Daniel Cureton. Treats included a PB&J sandwich, almonds, and lemonade for the cakes and ale.

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A few members of SLPS gathered under the full moon on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 8pm. The full moon for May is known as the flower moon, when late spring flowers come into full bloom and preparations for summer planting come about. This full moon focuses on working magic for the group, welcoming in Kali and Odin, and giving libations to the honored dead and Gods.

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A few select members of SLPS meet under the auspicious second dark moon of March, known as a black moon on Saturday, March 29, 2014. The members worked dark moon magic together, set goals, and went on a vision quest by the beating of the drum by President Cureton who guided the quest. With each beat of the drum, whip of the flame and shake of the rain stick, the travels to the astral realm were accomplished. Offerings included orange and chocolate brownies and juice.

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Ostara shining face was seen this past Ostara 2014. SLPS held Ostara 2014 on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 6pm. The ritual was done in the Cunningham Tradition by SLPS president Daniel Cureton.

With the opening of the ceremony by the LBRP and other rites, the ritual quickly moved to the story of Ostara or Easter. Centering around the Goddess Eostre and her blessing of the bunnies to spread her name, a guided journey to meet the Goddess was performed. Afterward, wildflower seeds were spread in a barren patch of land, to bring new life as spring rolls forward. President Cureton performed a druid rite of spring to Coel. The cakes and ales included bunny bread rolls made by Rhiannon Watters that were offered up to the Goddess in thanks for the return of Spring, with the song “The Earth is Our Mother” by Libana being chanted in remembrance of our ties and duty to care for the land. The ritual ended peacefully with spring poetry.

The feastings included vegan lentil soup, potato rolls, grilled chicken, spinach and cucumber salad, and enchiladas. With the wine and juice flowing freely, the feastings continued into the night and ended with a few hands of five card poker!

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And St. Patrick got in the car and drove the snakes to the SLPS full moon ritual! The snakes of Ireland came to the SLPS full moon to honor the Moon Goddess and give a snaky eye to St. Patrick.

On a rare Monday Ritual, Monday, March 5, 2014, at 9pm, the altar was decorated with a shamrock tablecloth made by SLPS adviser April Love, and seated on the sides of the Goddess were live shamrock plants. Other attributes adorned it such a post of gold and corned beef and cabbage.

The members of SLPS were cleansed, charged, and worked magic by the full moon. Thanks in the form of green macaroons were given to the Goddess for her continual blessings as Indian temple incense wafted about the room. St. Patrick descended to watch over everyone. Truly a great blessing this St. Patrick’s Day!

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Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the Imbolc ceremony on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at Dancing Cranes Imports at 6pm. SLPS helped kick off the 2014 Interfaith Month with Imbolc. Lakshmi stood in since Brigid arrived late. The table was decorated with a handmade table cloth by April Love in the late winter seasonal design. Flowers, cookies, sparkling apple cider, candles and more all decorated the altar. Since the ritual was squeezed into the small time space of an hour, some creative editing was necessary.

After reading Imbolc poetry, there was singing and dancing, cleansing and blessing, all before Brigid appeared. She stepped in for a visit through one of the mediums and gave spiritual advice to everyone through the tarot. Afterwards, everyone came forward to received blessings from her through sacred fire.

The energy was sent out into the universe at the close and the rest was returned to the living Earth.

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With the coming of each month, brings the coming of a new moon cycle. This past month brought an extra powerful full moon. It wasn’t just any moon, but a full moon doubled with a lunar eclipse! Lots of magic was worked this night. Cleansing, prosperity and other spells were done as the universe was in a place to grant powerful blessings. Even a few spiritual awakenings happened on this eve.  Till the next month, the next full moon. See you all then under Luna’s hand of grace and delight!




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Holly and Oak Kings… a fight to the death.. almost. UUPS celebrated the two great Kings of the Year. The Oak King and the Holly King. This Midsummer festival brought us the esteemed opportunity to reenact the great battle of the two kings, the battle that twice a year ensures one will rule while the other sits at the altar of life.  This time, the Holly King was again crowned ruler for the coming winter months. UUPS sang, danced, beat drums and rang bells in honor of the Holly King. A midsummer fire allowed all present to burn away a bad habit, problem, situation or other form of negative energy in their lives.  Many felt uplifted, inspired and joyful. All present had the opportunity to travel down a garden path in a guided meditation to meet and speak with the Holy Holly King himself. The final union of the Holy Holly King and Queen brought a close to the ceremony and the opening of the Midsummer feast. Mainly a garden dinner, full of salads, cabbage, mushroom, pasta and noodles, the occasional yard bird was seen wandering around before quickly vanishing into the carnivorous traps of Holly King himself.  Blessed Be all! Until we merry meet again!




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Thanks to everyone for all the hard work accomplished in March! April has been a busy month, but isn’t holding anyone back!  Here are a few of the stories of recent events:

KUTE Radio Interview

On Friday, March 18, 2011, President Daniel Cureton was asked to appear on our very own 1620 AM University radio K-UTE.  President Cureton was asked to explain and talk about the U of U Pagan Society, its goals, what it does, ambitions, history, current projects, membership and he was even invited to give a blessing on the campus!

Here is a little what he said, “The U of  U Pagan Society is a group of students who have reached out to include the community. We currently have seventy members and many monthly activities going on such as crafting classes, classes and rituals.” One of the hosts asked him at that point “What is a ritual?” He explained “A ritual can be a number of things.  For me it means a structured and repetitious ceremony that I can do again and again the same way, or feel free to change it.  For me, I incorporate different parts from different religions like Druidry, Shamanism and Wicca. A ritual for me is a way to connect with deity, ancestors, spirits and the universe.  Really it can be seen as a form of prayer or worship.”

When asked about community and student involvement, President Cureton commented, “We are trying to educate and make everyone aware through experience.  We advertise classes and activities from other groups so that people who are living far away and can’t make it, can know that there are activities going on near them.”

Finally President Cureton gave a simple but elegant blessing over the campus “May there be peace in your heart and success on your midterms this spring break, with lots of relaxing time on vacation.  So mote it be.”

 Liberalia with USUPA

This past month brought us the wonderful opportunity again to see our wonderful brothers and sisters from Utah State University Pagan Alliance in Logan, Ut. They celebration and honored Liber Pater with the Roman Spring Holiday Liberalia. Masks were hung in trees, wreaths were worn on the heads and togas worn! Callista Midnyte Dreamwalker (fourth from right) related her experience, “Liberlia was a very powerful experience. It was my first ritual I ever  attended and I was nervous. However when we arrived we were invited into the circle among many fellow pagans. We called upon the God and Goddess not just of the Romans but also of others. I enjoyed the company and felt the Gods and Goddesses presence.  I felt their joy in our gathering. This three hour drive was completely worth it!” Saerra Fairbrother (end right) said “ I am so glad I went. It was a great time and I even met a woman who will be moving to go to SLCC with us in the fall.”

UUPS is very excited and cannot wait to see and join in the next celebration with USUPA! We are grateful to our wonderful friend and President of USUPA Kassie (second from right).

This month we are focusing on getting sponsored by one of the local businesses and setting up for the PRIDE Festival.  We also have added a new event page to the website so everyone can keep up to date on what is going on with UUPS!



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Hi folks,

What a great month in February as we saw and heard the Goddess Brigid!! March is the time for us to see our fellow Pagan brothers and sisters at Utah State University Pagan Alliance in Logan. They are putting on a spring Holiday, Liberalia, a Roman Spring, in honor of Liber Pater and Libera! He traditionally is a God of fertility, vegetation and wine and this day marked adolescent boys of 14 to maturation into manhood. This is a time of sacrifice, song, and hanging masks on trees! I hope you all can attend the celebration and give honor to Liber Pater and Libera.

Since USUPA is doing a spring holiday, UUPS will not put on a ritual.  This is our time to visit and attend USUPA

UUPS believes its important to reach out to the community and build ties, whether it be with the University of a local business or organization. As such, its time we start thinking about our semester volunteering!

This month is the U’s spring break, so we’ll all be taking the 21-25 off from school, so there will be no weekly meeting those two Sundays (March 20th and 27th).

Also check out the upcoming events page to see a list of all UUPS Events and Classes! Updated Monthly!


Daniel C

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