Just a reminder there is no meeting today as Cafe Solstice is closed for Easter. We are back on next week, Sunday April 27, 2014

SLPS was asked to read the tarot at the U’s Crimson Nights Friday, April 11, 2014 which was circus themed. SLPS was put in with the reptiles and read for over three hours to many different students. Although the Daily Utah Chronicle reported on Monday, April 14, 2014 that Crimson Nights was losing steaming, the tarot readings were still popular.


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SLPS is pleased to announce that on April 1, 2014, we will be welcoming in as the new president Mr. Palpatine from Naboo. This is an exciting opportunity as Mr. Palpatine served as Chancellor of the Republic Senate and Emperor of the Galactic Empire for many years prior to his retirement from that post. He is highly skilled in the use of magic and even manifests the ability to shoot lighting from his hands. His hooded regalia and shadowy aura will fit well and bring in a fresh perspective with the new direction of SLPS. Inaugural ceremonies will be held at 7pm in his throne room in the Salt Lake Temple. All hail Palpatine!


It is with sad hearts that we report the folding of our wonderful sister group Utah State University Pagan Alliance. Over the last two years since Kassie Cressall graduated, USUPA has had periods of inactivity, and as SLPS reported last year, had come back from the void under a new president. The old president Kassie posted on March 19, 2014 on their site this post 

“We are no longer an active club on campus. If you are interested in joining the USUPA or renewing it please contact Kassie at kjcressall AT gmail DOT com. She is happy to answer and and all questions, point you towards currently active groups, and guide you thru the USU club process. Thank you to all club members, leadership, and supporters over the past three years. You made USU history by being part of the first Pagan Alliance in Logan, Utah”

Being such a small place, we hope all the members of USUPA find a new resource and group for spirituality in Logan, UT

A few select members of SLPS meet under the auspicious second dark moon of March, known as a black moon on Saturday, March 29, 2014. The members worked dark moon magic together, set goals, and went on a vision quest by the beating of the drum by President Cureton who guided the quest. With each beat of the drum, whip of the flame and shake of the rain stick, the travels to the astral realm were accomplished. Offerings included orange and chocolate brownies and juice.

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Ostara shining face was seen this past Ostara 2014. SLPS held Ostara 2014 on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 6pm. The ritual was done in the Cunningham Tradition by SLPS president Daniel Cureton.

With the opening of the ceremony by the LBRP and other rites, the ritual quickly moved to the story of Ostara or Easter. Centering around the Goddess Eostre and her blessing of the bunnies to spread her name, a guided journey to meet the Goddess was performed. Afterward, wildflower seeds were spread in a barren patch of land, to bring new life as spring rolls forward. President Cureton performed a druid rite of spring to Coel. The cakes and ales included bunny bread rolls made by Rhiannon Watters that were offered up to the Goddess in thanks for the return of Spring, with the song “The Earth is Our Mother” by Libana being chanted in remembrance of our ties and duty to care for the land. The ritual ended peacefully with spring poetry.

The feastings included vegan lentil soup, potato rolls, grilled chicken, spinach and cucumber salad, and enchiladas. With the wine and juice flowing freely, the feastings continued into the night and ended with a few hands of five card poker!

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A few members and guests of SLPS gathered last night Friday, March 21, 2014 to prepare the eggs for Ostara 2014. At first the brown eggs appeared to present a challenge of if the dye would stick, but it sure did! Some beautiful eggs are now waiting to be presented to the Goddess and eaten in sacred Ostara egg salad! There was even a black egg! The other plastic eggs hold wildflower seeds read to be sown into the barren Earth in symbol of the returning life of spring time.

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